Genesis Laboratory Services

Genesis Healthcare brings diagnostic excellence to urological pathology through its state-of-the-art CLIA and CAP certified laboratory. Genesis Laboratory guarantees our patients are only diagnosed by Board Certified Pathologists with special expertise in urological conditions and that patients no longer have to wait for lab results to be relayed from an outside independent lab. Upon completion, lab results are immediately available for review by your Genesis physician through our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

Genesis Laboratory is licensed by the College of American Pathologists and provides complete biopsy, surgical pathology and urine cytology services. Our experienced pathologists work closely with our urologists so that our patients can be confident that they are receiving the best possible treatment for the management of their disease.

Dedication To Innovation

Genesis Healthcare is committed to providing excellence in patient safety and quality. We are the first in San Diego County to offer a new clinical process to prevent patient identification errors in laboratory biopsies used to diagnose prostate cancer. All biopsies performed at a Genesis affiliated urology office now have an added layer of safety provided by the know error® system. This innovative system uses patient’s own DNA to confirm that biopsy results are accurately reported and assigned to the correct patient.

State-of-the-art methods are used in the evaluation and diagnosis of all Genesis surgical pathology specimens, including routine microscopic examination, immunohistochemical analysis, and use of special stains. Every aspect of laboratory operations is designed to optimize results and ensure quality. With Genesis Laboratory, patients can rely with confidence in their results and diagnosis, and that their Genesis physician can obtain accurate diagnostic information to determine a course of treatment.

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San Diego’s premier multi-disciplinary team of physicians, technologists and staff specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer and other Urologic Disorders, along with advanced radiotherapy techniques for many other types of cancer. With 16 offices located throughout San Diego County, there’s a Genesis specialist located near you.

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The Calypso System - now available at Genesis - helps focus radiation directly on the tumor while avoiding healthy tissue.

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Genesis is dedicated to bringing our patients the latest in clinical research, cutting edge technology and the most current treatment modalities. Our commitment is to provide each and every patient with the safest and highest possible level of personal care.

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Clinical trials conducted at Genesis Research give patients access to the latest drugs and cutting-edge therapies.