Urine Cytology Testing

Genesis Laboratory uses the NuView System For Non-Gyn Cytology to prepare urine specimens for cytologic examination. Standard laboratory precaution procedures are used to process the samples. Genesis uses the following procedure for urine specimen preparation:

  1. A fixative is added to the collected urine specimen and allowed to fix for 5 minutes before it is vortexed.
  2. Specimen is then centrifuged and fixative is decanted.
  3. Cloudy or bloody specimens are washed with NuPrep and incubated for a long period of time to improve the final results. Once washed, these specimens are centrifuged and decanted.
  4. A specific amount of NuMatrix is added for an invisible cell pellet based on the pellet size. The sample is then vortexed to ensure even suspension of the pellet.
  5. 1-2 drops of cell suspension is placed on to a glass slide.
  6. The slides are air dried and stained.