Research Internship Opportunities

Genesis Research encourages early career development for students interested in medicine and medical research by offering internships to highly qualified, driven candidates. Interns at Genesis have the opportunity to learn from seasoned physicians about new techniques being put into practice in our clinics. Interns gain valuable practical experience conducting medical research alongside our professional research staff. We encourage our interns to get involved and make meaningful contributions, which can lead to a co-authorship on publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. Our interns typically go on to careers in medicine or bioinformatics. Below you can read profiles from some of our current and past interns. Interested candidates are encouraged to email Renee Calabrese at

Intern Testimonials

Adam Recht

My name is Adam Recht and I am currently a sophomore at Brandeis University majoring in Biology and Theater Arts major. At Brandeis, I have been taking classes that are required for premedical students such as general chemistry, cells and organisms, and organic chemistry. Besides class I am a part of a premier co-ed a cappella group called Starving Artists. My goal is to one day attend medical school so that I can become a doctor.

I spent my last summer working at Genesis Healthcare and it was an experience I will never forget. I first started by helping out on current research that was already being done to familiarize myself with how the office runs. Eventually, I was asked to work with Dr. Kipper to design a retrospective study on misread NaF bone scans. Dr. Kipper took me under his wing teaching me valuable information about research and what it means to work in nuclear medicine. Dr. Kipper gave me a lot of freedom and allowed me to choose which aspects of a patient’s medical record would be helpful to record for the study.

During my time at Genesis, I also was able to work with Dr. Gaylis. Dr. Gaylis taught me a lot about how prostate cancer is treated, diagnosed, and monitored. During patient visits, Dr. Gaylis allowed me to watch a physical examination and he taught me some basic techniques such as how to properly give a digital rectal exam. Genesis gave me a hands on experience as to what it means to do clinical research or what it means to provide patient care. I would recommend working at Genesis to anyone interested in the medical field.

Jenna Essakow

My name is Jenna Essakow and I am currently a medical student at Sackler School Of Medicine. I previously attended UC Berkeley where I got my degree in Integrative Biology and Disability Studies. Through my present studies, I hope to one day become a doctor. Although I am unsure of what speciality I will go into, I have always been fond of working with children.

I have had an incredible experience working at Genesis and collaborating with the people there as well. Through my research I have been able to learn a tremendous amount and be exposed to an array of things. Everyone is so willing to help and provide and this has made the experience that much better. I have really enjoyed the time I have spent working on various projects and look forward to continuing my work here.

Logan Fink

My name is Logan Fink, I grew up in San Diego but traveled north to the University of California, Berkeley for college. While at Berkeley, I worked in the lab of a well-known geneticist, with whom I was fortunate enough to participate in both medical genetic research and evolutionary genetic studies. I earned my bachelors of science degree in Chemical Biology, and after graduating, worked briefly in a technical safety firm where I assisted in R&D as well as software validation. After six month, I was fortuitous enough to run into an old friend who told me about the research that Dr. Franklin Gaylis was performing. He needed help collecting data for various studies, and I was eager to learn more about large data studies and medical research. I have worked with Genesis Healthcare Partners for the past year on multiple projects involving data collection and analysis, as well as trials for clinical research. After the incredible amount of material and knowledge that I was exposed to, in fields such as software design, clinical trials, study development, grant writing and medical research, I have decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, and potentially go on to a PhD in genetic studies. I haven’t completely ruled out Medical School, but I have realized that genetic research is something that I am passionate about, and I believe that personalized medicine is the direction that the future is heading towards. Genesis played a large part in helping me realize where I want to be, and working here has provided me a wealth of knowledge and experience that I think will prove to be invaluable as I venture forward in my future endeavors.

Genesis played a large part in helping me realize where I want to be, and working here has provided me a wealth of knowledge and experience that I think will prove to be invaluable as I venture forward in my future endeavors.

I was a co-author on the following papers at Genesis:

Franklin D. Gaylis, MD, Logan Fink, BS “Re: Combined Ciprofloxacin and Amikacin Prophylaxis in the Prevention of Septicemia after Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Biopsy of the Prostate: E. O. Kehinde, M. Al-Maghrebi, M. Sheikh and J. T. Anim.” J Urol. 2013

Franklin D. Gaylis, M.D., Edward Cohen, M.D., Paul Neustein, M.D., Donald Fuller, M.D., Paul Dato, M.D., Reza Shirazi, M.D., Renee Calabrese, L.V.N., Mher Alaverdyan, M.P.H., Logan Fink, B.S., Tim Erickson, B.S., San Diego, CA. “Advanced Prostate Cancer Stratification by Stage and Androgen Sensitivity in a Large Urology Group Practice.” Western Section AUA (Accepted, Nov 2013)

Franklin D. Gaylis, M.D., Edward Cohen, M.D., Donald Fuller, M.D., Logan Fink, B.S., Mher Alaverdyan, MPH, Renee Calabrese, LVN, Christopher J. Kane M.D., San Diego, CA. “Prostate Cancer Managed by Active Surveillance in a Large Urology Group Practice.” Western Section AUA (Accepted, Nov 2013)

Franklin D. Gaylis, M.D., Edward Cohen, M.D., Paul Dato, M.D., Logan Fink, B.S., Mher Alaverdyan,M.P.H.: San Diego, CA. “Serious Complications Following Prostate Needle Biopsy in a Large Urology Group Practice.” Wester Section AUA (Accepted, Nov 2013)

Franklin D. Gaylis, M.D., Edward Cohen, M.D., Paul Neustein, M.D., Donald Fuller, M.D., Mher Alaverdyan M.P.H., Logan Fink B.S., Pat Wilber B.S., R.T.(T)(R): San Diego, CA. “Prostate Biopsy Outcomes in a Large Urology Group Practice (LUGP).” Western Section AUA (Accepted, Nov 2013)

Ryan Nasseri

My name is Ryan Nasseri, and I was born and raised in San Diego. I graduated with B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara. While in Santa Barbara I worked in a plant evolution and genetics lab and examined the genetic basis for color differences amongst Columbine species. After graduation I worked as a laboratory assistant for a company that conducted pharmacogenetic testing for various drug classes. Shortly after, I was presented with the opportunity to return to research, this time in the medical field. I jumped at the chance to join Genesis Healthcare Partners and gain valuable experience and knowledge in clinical research. I am currently applying to medical school, and have set a career in medicine as my goal. Working at Genesis Healthcare Partners has already taught me a great amount in regard to being involved in clinical trials and performing studies and continues to prepare me for a career in medical research.

Working for Genesis Healthcare Partners has solidified my desire to pursue a career in medicine, and continues to provide me with the experience necessary to accomplish my goals.

Jackie Gaylis

Recent graduate from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, class of 2013. Earned a BA in Art History and minor in Human Health. Pursuing a career in Nutritional Science with a focus on childhood obesity. Plan to attend graduate school for a MS in Nutritional Science for Fall 2014. Following earning my MS, I will sit for the Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) exam and plan to open a private practice providing nutritional services. I plan to team up with physicians and will work one on one with their referred patients by creating individualized nutrition programs for their specific health concerns. At Genesis Healthcare Partners, I worked as a research assistant and entered patient data into an electronic system in order to develop a research database. I helped analyze whether a patient was relevant for potential research studies.

Coauthor of approved Grant on Bone Health “Bone Health Awareness and Care in patients on chronic Androgen Depravation Therapy” to be funded by Amgen.

Co-authored the following article: Gaylis FD, Van SJ, Daneshvar MA, Gaylis GM, Gaylis JB, et al., Preprinted standardized orders promote venous thromboembolism prophylaxis compared with traditional handwritten orders: an endorsement of standardized evidence-based practice. Am J Med Qual 2010;25:449–56.

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work at Genesis Healthcare Partners. Every assignment I have worked on has taught me skills that I could never learn in a classroom, even at a top 20 university. I was able to conduct research with top physicians, coordinate with healthcare partners, and acquire knowledge that can only be obtained through experience. Genesis has provided me with amazing opportunities such as coauthoring major research articles, helping create groundbreaking computer databases, and learning about the importance of medicine and research. GHP has provided me with once in a lifetime opportunities that make my experience stand out from my peers. The staff and physicians are always finding ways to help make people feel welcome and provide opportunities for everyone to learn about the importance of medicine. I attribute much of my success to my experience at Genesis.