Endometrial Cancer

Much more common than cervical cancer, endometrial cancer will cause about 8,010 deaths in 2012, estimates the American Cancer Society. And 47,130 new cases will be diagnosed.

The endometrium is the lining of the uterus (or the womb), and represents the most common gynecologic cancer and it is generally found in older women. 75% of cases are in women over 50 years old. Surgery is usually the treatment of choice for endometrial cancer, but depending upon the pathologic findings, radiation may be indicated as post-operative treatment to reduce the risks of local recurrence in the pelvis. This may include external beam therapy, or HDR treatments or a combination of both. Chemotherapy is generally not a part of this treatment course. If surgery is not possible because of the advanced nature of the disease, then radiation can be an important part of your care.

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