Immunotherapy is one of the many innovative treatment options available at Genesis Prostate Cancer Center for the management of advanced prostate cancer. Immunotherapy helps stimulate your body’s own immune system (the body’s natural defense) to fight cancer cells in your body.  Genesis Prostate Cancer Center is one of only a few treatment centers in San Diego County fully equipped to provide patients with PROVENGE - the first and only FDA approved immunotherapy for advance prostate cancer

PROVENGE is a personalized treatment that collects and reprograms the body’s own immune cells to jump start the immune system to attack prostate cancer. Therapy can be completed in about a month with only 6 appointments.

You may be able to receive PROVENGE immunotherapy if:

  • You are on hormone therapy and have rising PSA levels
  • Your cancer has spread from the prostate to other places
  • You are not taking narcotics for cancer-related pain

PROVENGE may be a treatment option before chemotherapy. National cancer guidelines recommend PROVENGE as a first treatment option for advanced prostate cancer for men with few or no cancer-related symptoms.  You can still undergo chemotherapy later on, but with PROVENGE you can get your immune system in the fight against your advanced prostate cancer as soon as possible.
To learn if Immunotherapy with PROVENGE is right for you, call us at 858-429-7050 and schedule an appointment with one of our prostate cancer specialists to discuss this and other innovative treatment options in the fight against prostate cancer.


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