Bladder Dysfunction Solutions

Urinary frequency and urgency affects an estimated 17 million Americans.   Most people find bladder control problems embarrassing but most conditions are very treatable.  Bladder dysfunction may be symptomatic of an underlying medical condition such as a urinary tract infection, gynecological mass or urological cancer or a neurological condition, so it is important that you see a specialist for evaluation.

Urinary Incontinence is the most common reason women seek the help of a urologist but this conditional also affects men and people of all ages.   If coughing, laughing, sneezing, or other movements that put pressure on the bladder cause you to leak urine; you may have stress incontinence, the most frequent form of incontinence in women.  If you lose urine for no apparent reason while suddenly feeling the need or urge to urinate, you may have urge incontinence or overactive bladder.  Stress and urge incontinence often occur together in women.   A Genesis physician specializing in the female urinary tract can help evaluate your condition.   A detailed medical history and a variety of lab and diagnostic tests are available to determine the cause of your incontinence.   Depending on your diagnosis, a wide variety of solutions are available from exercise and biofeedback to medication and surgical solutions.  Your Genesis physician can help you determine the best option for you.