General Urology

At Genesis Healthcare, we are urological specialists – San Diego’s most experienced experts in the care and treatment of male and female urinary tract.  While many people associate urologists with prostate, bladder and kidney cancer treatment, we also treat many more common conditions that can affect your overall health such as urinary tract infection, infertility, incontinence, and kidney stones. 

Over a lifetime, most people, men and women alike, will experience some sort of urological issue. If you’ve got symptoms of pain or discomfort associated with urination or a change in urinary habits – you need to see a urological specialist. Getting diagnosed quickly and finding the most appropriate treatment option for your particular condition and lifestyle is important. At Genesis Healthcare we offer the most comprehensive range of urological services including diagnostic evaluation, consultation and treatment for all urologic issues.  We have 16 offices throughout San Diego County – so no matter where you live, there’s a Genesis Urological expert near you.

Find out more about some common urological conditions: